The electronic duo Cyrillic consists of young and talented Andrej Ivanoski & Bojan Ivanoski. Their beginnings go back to 2014, when they both decided to join forces and experience as well and share their passion towards electronic music with the rest of the world. They are known for their unique style and energetic sets. They produce their own original music and are strongly headed towards fulfilling their goal, (as the name itself says it) – to become true reformists in the process of spreading the ”literacy”, which in this case would mean to raise awareness and acceptance of this kind of music in the area.

They released a remix on Sara Mace’s song-Denot da e ubav (A day to be beautiful) , that they gave a new dimension to her single and they released a remix for Cyrillic ft. Lambe & Bube – Koga Sonce Gree Placam (Remix),Donplaya – Nogu Kucki Musli Jadat (Cyrillic & H$P Remix) and Bang La Decks – Zouka (Cyrillic Remix). Also they are working on some new tracks, soon to be expected.